Neighbors Development Helps Local Business Expand Again in 2019!

Rivertown Woodcraft has come a long way since it was started in Jim Torrey's garage. In 2018 Rivertown Woodcraft joined forces with Neighbors Development and moved its operation into our commercial space located at 2456 Plainfield Ave NE. With an emphasis on community, business owner Torrey hosts small intimate workshop classes, builds custom furniture, and runs a full-service woodshop.

Torrey recently approached us with a problem and we were happy to help him find a solution! The problem was simple: not enough space.

Rivertown Woodcraft can't keep up with the needs of the community they've worked so hard to service. Torrey's 1000 SqFt shop just simply can't fit all of the projects.

Neighbors Development takes pride in the growth of our tenants and our neighbors. We encourage open dialog and strive to find solutions. Our brokerage team worked with Torrey to find a bigger workspace for Rivertown Woodcraft to call home.

Rivertown Woodcraft is moving! The new space will include larger workshop class sizes and membership opportunities!